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SI-x code on GitHub!

Our SI-x code release is now on GitHub:

Stay tuned for future updates.

SI-x code on Matlab File Exchange

We've published our SI-x code on the Matlab File exchange:

Products page

We've updated our products page with the latest results from calculating SI-x from PRISM and the NH dataset calculated from Berkeley Earth Tmin/Tmax:

Ault's Soil & Crop Sciences (Cornell) seminar on megadrought

WATCH: blowtorch demo in the infrared

We used an infrared camera borrowed from the astronomy dept. to shoot this. A special thanks to James Lloyd, Terry Herter, and Marty Sullivan for the help pulling this off!

Go spring go!

A special note to NPN observers.

Timing of the the first leaf index (shading) and observer-based reports (dots, colors correspond to the same colorscale).

An update from South Texas

Author: Jeff McKamey

We have been in a severe drought since 2006, and now that we have a slight El Nino, and I am sure other things are contributing, we are having the coldest, wettest spring since the 80's.

In fact it is so wet, there has not been a single acre of cotton planted in the valley near Brownsville, and their deadline is April 1st, so they will get to collect insurance on 'prevented planting'. I can not remember this happening in my short history of farming.

ENSO it seems...

Author: Shaun Howe

A question from Texas

Below is an email I received from Jeff McKamey, a 1994 Cornell Alumni with an ms in Environmental Engineering:

Caribbean megadrought risks

Author: Dimitris Herrera


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