SI-x code on GitHub!

Our SI-x code release is now on GitHub:

Stay tuned for future updates.

SI-x code on Matlab File Exchange

We've published our SI-x code on the Matlab File exchange:

Products page updated!

We've updated our products page with the latest results from calculating SI-x from PRISM and the NH dataset calculated from Berkeley Earth Tmin/Tmax:

WATCH: Climate & Energy Game (EAS-1101)

Here is the animation of a possible future climate (2080) from the CESM Large Ensemble that I played at the end of class on Thursday in EAS1101 (Climate & Energy):

NMME ENSO forecasts

Author: Zack Labe
The latest NMME forecasts indicate that NINO regions 3+4 will both surpass the record 1997 Nino SSTs! I am sure we will be hearing a lot more about this in the coming weeks and months.

NMME Ensemble average (Kirtman 2014) for NINO3.4 SST predictions.

NMME Ensemble average (Kirtman 2014) for SST anomalies.

NMME Predictions

Author: Sophia Pitti-Daly

NMME Ensemble average (Kirtman 2014) for precipitation rate during this summer (JJA).

WATCH: blowtorch demo in the infrared

We used an infrared camera borrowed from the astronomy dept. to shoot this. A special thanks to James Lloyd, Terry Herter, and Marty Sullivan for the help pulling this off!

Go spring go!

A special note to NPN observers.

Timing of the the first leaf index (shading) and observer-based reports (dots, colors correspond to the same colorscale).

Welcome to the Emergent Climate Risk Lab (ECRL)

We are interested in characterizing the likelihood of infrequent but consequential weather events, particularly those related to climate change and especially ones whose probability density function cannot be reliably determined from the past.

What is an "emergent" risk?
As global temperatures continue to rise, it is expected to change regional weather patterns, the frequency of droughts and extreme rainfall, and the timing of animal migrations and countless other aspects of climate during the 21st century. The hazards to human health, ecosystems, and infrastructure are the emergent risks of the 21st century.


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