April 10th update

April 5th update

For the rest of the month of April, we will now be updating these maps every 5 days as spring closes in on the Northeast and most of the rest of the US:

Update on Springcasting 2018

2018 Seasonal Springcast (page should auto refresh to latest forecast):

The horizontal lines (hatching) in the map above mark areas where the Leaf Index has already occurred. These results compare well with those being reported by USA-NPN:

Introducing 2018 Springcasting!

2018 Seasonal Springcast:

A sea of trouble

Author: Dimitris Herrera
I am a graduate student from a farming family in the Dominican Republic, and I study drought in the Caribbean. Having been home recently, I have taken some time to reflect on what the droughts and hurricanes over the last few years have meant for my family and friends back home.

Fall newsletter published

The fall (October-November-December) newsletter, accompanying our NYS/NE Drought Atlas, is now published:

NE/NYS Drought Atlas (Beta)

We are pleased to present a working prototype of a Northeast "Drought Atlas," which is being developed with our climate smart farming (CSF) partners at the CICCS (http://climatesmartfarming.org/tools/csf-nys-ne-drought-atlas/).

SI-x code on GitHub!

Our SI-x code release is now on GitHub:

Stay tuned for future updates.

SI-x code on Matlab File Exchange

We've published our SI-x code on the Matlab File exchange:


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