Toby R. Ault (PI): Toby received his PhD from the University of Arizona in 2011, then completed an ASP postdoc at the National Center for Atmospheric Research from 2011-2013 before joining Cornell. His research encompasses three themes: (1) estimating the risk of prolonged drought under climate change; (2) understanding the dynamics of boreal spring onset; and (3) characterizing variations in the Tropical Pacific on timescales of decades to centuries, and their influence on global climate.

Carlos M. Carrillo (Postdoc) Carlos is a postdoc working on our NE Drought Atlas, as well as seasonal predictions of spring onset, drought, and prolonged (mega) drought risk.

Alex Burrow (Postdoc) Alex is working on the dynamics of spring onset, particularly the circulation regimes that give rise to changes in the structure and position of the Pacific jet in spring.

Xiaolu Li (Graduate student): Xiaolu (Grace) is doing her dissertation on seasonal dynamics of the climate system on sub-seasonal to millennial timescales. This highly interdisciplinary work requires her to use datasets from climate models, remote sensing, networks of phenological observers, and paleoclimate (tree-ring widths in particular).

Dimitris Herrera Hernandez (graduate student): Dimitirs is working on probabilistic modeling of megadrought during climate change in the Caribbean.

Kush Dave (Rawlings Institute Fellow): Kush is currently leading the effort to develop a software environment for our probabilistic hurricane model. Written in python, these tools will ultimately allow us to explore new classes of scientific problems that require an object-oriented framework to be fully explored.

Rick Moore (Chief software architect): As a high-level programmer and software engineer, Rick is designing and implementing a collection of python routines and packages to accelerate scientific discovery in climate and atmospheric modeling.

Marty Sullivan (IT): Marty is works on cloud-based computing approaches to deploying and using multi-model ensembles.