Toby R. Ault (PI): Toby received his PhD from the University of Arizona in 2011, then completed an ASP postdoc at the National Center for Atmospheric Research from 2011-2013 before joining Cornell. His research encompasses three themes: (1) estimating the risk of prolonged drought under climate change; (2) understanding the dynamics of boreal spring onset; and (3) characterizing variations in the Tropical Pacific on timescales of decades to centuries, and their influence on global climate.

Carlos M. Carrillo (Postdoc) Carlos is a postdoc working on our NE Drought Atlas, as well as seasonal predictions of spring onset, drought, and prolonged (mega) drought risk.

Xiaolu Li (graduate student): Xiaolu (Grace) is doing her dissertation on seasonal dynamics of the climate system on sub-seasonal to millennial timescales. This highly interdisciplinary work requires her to use datasets from climate models, remote sensing, networks of phenological observers, and paleoclimate (tree-ring widths in particular).

Dimitris Herrera Hernandez (graduate student): Dimitirs is working on probabilistic modeling of megadrought during climate change in the Caribbean.

Colin Evans (graduate student): Colin joined the lab in the fall of 2017 and will be working on the dynamic causes of megadrought in both the Southweast and Northeast, with a focus on the latter.

Brandon Benton (graduate student): Brandon also joined the lab in 2017 and is using WRF to downscale last millennium simulations.

Rick Moore (software guru): As a high-level programmer and software engineer, Rick is designing and implementing a collection of python routines and packages to accelerate scientific discovery in climate and atmospheric modeling.

Marty Sullivan (IT): Marty is works on cloud-based computing approaches to deploying and using multi-model ensembles.