April 10th update

Spring drought newsletter published

April 5th update

For the rest of the month of April, we will now be updating these maps every 5 days as spring closes in on the Northeast and most of the rest of the US:

Update on Springcasting 2018

2018 Seasonal Springcast (page should auto refresh to latest forecast):

The horizontal lines (hatching) in the map above mark areas where the Leaf Index has already occurred. These results compare well with those being reported by USA-NPN:

Introducing 2018 Springcasting!

2018 Seasonal Springcast:

Fall newsletter published

The fall (October-November-December) newsletter, accompanying our NYS/NE Drought Atlas, is now published:

SI-x code on GitHub!

Our SI-x code release is now on GitHub:

Stay tuned for future updates.

SI-x code on Matlab File Exchange

We've published our SI-x code on the Matlab File exchange:

Products page

We've updated our products page with the latest results from calculating SI-x from PRISM and the NH dataset calculated from Berkeley Earth Tmin/Tmax:

Ault's Soil & Crop Sciences (Cornell) seminar on megadrought


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